by Pamela Brandt

This article highlights only 3 of the 40 new exhibiting artists to the 2011 DubuqueFest Art Fair. Visit the Artists’ Gallery to view work from all exhibiting artists.

This year’s rejuvenated DubuqueFest Art Fair will feature the work of 72 exhibiting artists in Washington Park on Saturday May 21 and Sunday, May 22, 2011. Festival goers will enjoy shopping for a variety of one-of-a-kind art, with direct access to the artists and artisans who created the work.

Artists making their first appearance at this year’s Art Fair include Gene Brack, offering abstract oil paintings and giclée prints, Dan Schuster, creating whimsical wooden folk art, and Tim Goral with custom leather footwear.

Gene Brack

Abstract oil paintings
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“I paint because I love it,” says artist Gene Brack, based in Blue Grass, Iowa, near Davenport. Expanding on originals created using oil on canvas, Gene will offer limited edition giclée prints as part of his exhibit at the DubuqueFest Art Fair.

He chooses to work in the abstract since it allows compositions to be pre-planned as well as spontaneous. He finds that a sense of architecture infuses his work. “My love for modern architecture and interior design runs free in the evolution of each new painting. It allows me to be impulsive and improvise instinctively.”

Gene relishes sharing his art with others, drawing inspiration from the viewer’s response. “I love the reaction from people who come through a gallery when I’m there. Their fulfillment in seeing color and textures that excite the senses likewise excites my sense of purpose and completion.”

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Dan Schuster

Reclamation wood sculpture
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Dan Schuster of Reclamation Sculpture from Cedar Rapids creates eclectic, eco-friendly constructions from reclaimed shipping pallets, trim from old homes, and up-cycled license plate letters.

Using colors and textures reflecting vintage influences, the worn and weathered surfaces of Dan’s pieces are graced with quirky, tongue-in-cheek captions. Festival goers will enjoy fun, conversational, contemporary art with a folk art feel.

Dan says, “This will be Reclamation’s first time showing at DubuqueFest and I’m crossing my fingers for two perfect days of blue skies and friendly folks. I’m happy to be a part of such a wonderful event.”

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Tim Goral

Custom leather footwear
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Leatherwork enthusiasts will be charmed by the work of Tim Goral from Sacred Mocs in Grand Detour, Illinois. “Sacred Mocs are custom fine footwear made one pair at a time, whether you want comfort on the street or on a hike in the woods.”

Made with fine buffalo, deer, or elk leather, with an eco-friendly natural wool insole and Birkenstock outer sole, these finely crafted shoes will be your durable favorites. A foot mold is taken and then the shoes are custom-designed with the customer’s choice of details.

Tim says, “I was always looking for clothes and shoes that represented my lifestyle, so it’s very fulfilling to design a pair with a customer. They walk away with not only a fine pair of footwear, but something they took part in creating.”

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Look for these three artists and many more at this year’s DubuqueFest Art Fair!