Be a Volunteer!

DBQFest needs your helping hands to make this community arts celebration a success! 

How Do I Sign Up?

Grab your organization or your friends and sign up together very soon! The more the merrier!

We are accepting volunteers for DBQfest right now! Click here or the button below to sign up via Volunteer Local.

Thanks for pitching in!

How Can I help?


Set up Park: Help setting up the park for before artist check-in at 3 PM. Chalking booth locations, setting up tables, chairs, etc. Picking up items from storage, bringing them to the park.

Set up Stage/Music: Help with picking up stage pieces and setting up for the Sound company. Possible helping the sound company with set up. 


Artist Check-in/Info tent: You will be at the info tent for artist check-in, handing out the artist packet and helping them find their booth location for setup and answering questions.

Artist Breakfast: This person will pick up any fresh breakfast items for the artist’s breakfast each morning. You will work with Director on the specific items to be picked up and delivered to the info tent. You may need to pay with our cards/cash etc. Please contact Ali the day before your shift to confirm what is needed and how the item will be paid for. 

Artist Beverages/hospitality: You will check-in at the info tent and then walk around and offer drinks/sunblock/etc to all artists booths. Perhaps being a booth sitter for the artists to get a bathroom break. When done with your trip to the booths, come back to the info tent and assist there.

Artist Reception & Bartenders: Setting up the DuMA lobby for the caterer, seating for artists, and the bar tables. We ask that those that help set up also help tear down, but you can do one or the other. Also, if you want to do the setup, then transfer to the bartending, that works great!  As bartenders, you will be serving beer, wine, water, soda to the artists within the artist reception at the DuMA. Estimated end time 8 PM, maybe earlier, maybe later. 


You will be at the info tent to answer questions from artists and the general public. Selling DBQfest merchandise, DAWG, and taking any other donations.


Assist all guests with creating Make and Take art projects. Clean space throughout the day. (shifts may be covered by Hillcrest Family Service and DuMA)


Tear Down Park: We will begin tearing down all equipment and placing in designated location for pick up. Tables, chairs, street barricades, etc. Gathering trash and recycling and their containers. Packing up items and returning to storage space

Tear Down Stage/Music: Help with tearing down stage pieces and returning to storeage. Possible helping the sound company with tear down.